BART Ad Hoc This advocacy group meets as needed and focuses on bringing BART to the South Bay. The linking of San Jose to the East Bay and San Francisco through the BART system will vastly affect our city and region. The one station on the proposed BART extension that will see the most public use (by far) is the main downtown station around Santa Clara and First streets. A project of this importance and magnitude requires a “Grand Central Station,” the signature station along the entire line.

While we recognize the city’s limited role in the VTA/BART process to design a station in downtown San Jose, we feel it is critical that the city take a strong leadership role in insisting that the downtown subway station be one that provides a dramatic sense of arrival.

Investing in brilliant urban design is an investment in our community’s long-term economic and cultural health. The main downtown BART station should make it clear that you have arrived at the center of Silicon Valley – that you’ve arrived at one of the most creative, dynamic and innovative places on Earth. San Jose should not compromise on place, design and architecture for the largest public works project in its history, and potentially the busiest and most public corner in the entire region.

The committee also advocates to minimize the impact of BART on downtown business.