Organizational Issues/Committee snapshots – August 2016


Chairperson: Henry Cord

Advocacy Committee did not meet in July. Next committee meeting is scheduled for August 30.

Board Organizational Committee

Chairpersons: Sarju Naran and Alan Marques

Co-chair Naran met with staff on July 22 to discuss new member recruitment. The next meeting is scheduled for August 19.

Downtown Design Committee

Chairperson: Steve Cox

The Downtown Design Committee met on June 22 to discuss the proposed expansion to the Montgomery Hotel. The committee also met July 27 to discuss the proposed student housing project for 300 S. 2nd Street from AMCAL/Barry Swenson Builder. The next meeting is scheduled for August 24.

Downtown Parking Board

Vice-Chair: Nick Nichols

The Downtown Parking Board held its quarterly meeting May 4. The Board approved its FY 2016-17 budget that included $12.3 million in capital projects including $1 million for temporary parking (260 spaces) near SAP Center, $1 million to begin scoping a new parking facility near SAP Center and $4 million for new garage revenue control equipment. The Market/San Pedro garage monthly parking rate will increase from $100 to $125 July 1. The next meeting is August 24.

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Liam O’Connor

The Finance Committee met on June 29. May financial statements were reviewed and discussed along with FY 15-16 budget revisions. Preparations for FY 15-16 Annual Review are underway. Staff informed members the annual line of credit for FY 16-17 has been renewed by Wells Fargo Bank. The next meeting is August 31.

Historic District

Chairperson: Forrest Cerrato

The Historic District met July 12 to discuss public safety in the district with a representative from SJPD present. Jason Su from SJDA discussed the upcoming Fountain Gallery Alley project, which will consist of pop-up gallery space in Fountain Alley, and asked for neighborhood input. Erin Salazar from The Exhibition District presented the 100 Block project, 100 4×4 murals to go onto two buildings along Fountain Alley. Construction updates from VTA’s bus rapid transit project and Marshall Squares were given. The next meeting is September 13.

Marketing Arts & Dining

Chairperson: Alan “Gumby” Marques
Co-Chair: Lee Kopp

The committee met on June 30 and discussed Dine Downtown and the downtown dining gift certificate, a cross promotion between the arts groups and restaurants. Updates were given on the June Arts Roundtable meeting, ideas for upcoming social media campaigns, and the Downtown for the Summer campaign. Members talked about their organization’s summer events and were encouraged to cross promote each other’s events and link to the summer event calendar at

PBID Board of Directors

President: Chuck Hammers

The PBID board convened on June 21 to review and approve potential street life projects for FY 2016-17. Staff also provided updates on PBID programs and services. The next meeting of the PBID board will be August 16.

Downtown Entertainment Committee

Contact: chairperson vacant

The PBID’s enhanced security program continues to provide 50 hours weekly service. SEU officers can generally be found on foot (and in the PBID blue golf cart) in the core on Monday and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesdays from 3 – 8 p.m. and Thursdays from 4 – 9 p.m. Officers can be contacted by business and property owners via the Groundwerx office at 408-287-1520.

San Jose Downtown Foundation

Board of Trustee President: Diana Beechie

Foundation trustees met on July 12 to provide feedback on the 2016 Downtown Doors reception. Trustees also discussed programmatic suggestions for the 2017 Downtown Doors program, including submission process and schedule. Trustees will meet next on August 9.

San Pedro Square Committee

Chairperson: Nick Nichols

The committee met on June 16. Presentations/updates were given on Modera, San Pedro Squared, Silvery Towers, Julian Alignment and San Jose Water projects. The next meeting is August 18.

SoFA (South First Area) Committee

Chairs: Roger Springall and Sarah Dragovich

SoFA met in June to get updates on the shade structures at Gore Park and to update businesses on events and new businesses coming into the SoFA area. No July meeting. An invitation from SoFA members was sent in July to form the “SoFA Partnership” a nonprofit membership organization. The next SoFAC meeting is August 31.

St. James Park

Contact: Scott Knies

The St. James Park Advisory Group met July 22. Four finalists were selected in the City-led design competition. Each will receive $25K to create preliminary designs for St. James Park, due in October. SJDA responded to City request for activation proposals and will produce Starlight Cinema shows this summer, beginning Aug. 10 with Willy Wonka.

(Last update August 2, 2016)