Organizational Issues/Committee snapshots - September 2015

Police/Downtown Entertainment Committee

Contact: Blage Zelalich

SJDA issued a letter opposing the 669 occupancy nightclub proposed for South Frist Street in the former Bella Mia restaurant. City Council denied the project Aug. 11. The applicant has reapplied for a 249 occupancy nightclub. The PBID’s enhanced security program continues to provide 50 hours weekly service. SEU officers can generally be found on foot (and in the PBID blue golf cart) in the core on Monday and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesdays from 3 – 8 p.m. and Thursdays from 4-9 p.m. Officers can be contacted by business and property owners via the Groundwerx office at 408-287-1520.

Marketing Arts & Dining

Chairperson: Dan Pulcrano
Co-Chair: Lee Kopp

More than 20 visual and performing arts groups and 10 downtown restaurants are participating in the Downtown Dining Gift Certificate promotion.  The arts groups will distribute 35,000 gift certificates (valued at $100) to their 2015-16 annual arts patrons and season ticket holders as a way to thank them for their support.  Patrons receive $10 off dinner one time at each of the participating restaurants.  Music in the Park and Farmers’ Market ads continue to run in Metro and El Observador.  The Downtown for the Summer campaign is running through mid-August and the website is updated through September.  Student Parking and DASH Shuttle ads are running in the Spartan Daily the first couple weeks of Fall semester.

Historic District

Chairperson: vacant

The Historic District met July 14 to discuss San Jose Jazz’ Summer Fest, and the impacts to the district.  Additionally, “Historic District Happy Hours” were discussed as a possible event series to bring new customers into the district.  The next meeting is September 8.

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Liam O’Connor

The Finance Committee met August 26.  July financial statements, FY 2014-15 final budget vs. actual and FY 2015-16 projected budget were reviewed and discussed.  Staff also reported on progress of the permanent ice rink.  Status of upcoming FY 2014-15 Annual Review was also discussed.  The next meeting is September 30.

SoFA (South First Area) Committee

Chair: Roger Springall

SoFA met Aug. 26 and discussed ongoing plans for SoFA to participate in the Viva Calle SJ in October and capitalize on the Super Bowl in February.  Also discussed upcoming events such as C2SV, SoFA Street Fair, SoFA Sundays, and South First Friday/ StreetMRKT.  Two breweries are expecting to open in SoFA and its environs; and the Parque de los Pobladores shade structure may be finished by the end of 2015.  SoFA’s next meeting is either Sept 30 or Oct. 28.

Downtown Parking Board/Parking Committee

Chair: Steve Borkenhagen

The parking board met May 6 to approve FY 15-16 Parking Fund operating budget and capital projects.  Bob Carlson and Nick Nichols were re-elected as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively.  There was a later discussion about the Parking Fund being the source of funding in new City/SAP Center deal.  Staff also presented a report on the problems with some Smart Meters resetting themselves prematurely.  The August 5 meeting was cancelled.  The next quarterly meeting is October 7.

San Pedro Square Committee

Chairperson: Nick Nichols

The committee met on August 5 at the Theatre on San Pedro Square.  Agenda items included an update on the conversion of a portion of the ground floor of the Market/San Pedro Square Garage to retail kiosks (San Pedro Squared project) as well as a discussion on art crosswalks in the neighborhood and ideas to attract visitors to San Pedro Square during the week leading up to Superbowl 50.  The Downtown Farmers’ Market runs every Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., through November 13.

PBID Board of Directors

President: Chuck Hammers

The PBID board convened on September 1.  The City Manager appointed Teri Killgore to the PBID board, replacing Lee Wilcox.  The board reviewed current property owner data which shows the composition of the board remains representative of its members.  The board also received updates on a number of street life projects and staff is pushing hard to make sure several projects are completed prior to the upcoming holiday season and Super Bowl festivities.  The next meeting of the PBID board of directors is the annual meeting on October 16.  The PBID board will also join the SJDA and Downtown Foundation board to host a joint mixer on October 13.


Chairperson: Henry Cord

The committee met Aug. 25 to discuss downtown development vision; BART station option preference and Bus Rapid Transit project status.  The next meeting is September 29.

Downtown Foundation

Board of Trustee President: Diana Beechie

Foundation trustees met on August 25, to review the Foundation’s Fiscal Agent policy proposal, receive an update on the “Doorbells” project and review the 3-year organizational roadmap established in the Spring.  Trustees will meet next on September 22 or 29 to finalize the fiscal agent policy.

Board Organizational Committee

Chairperson: Sarju Naran and Alan Marques

The committee held its third board mixer on August 11 at Scott’s Seafood.  Approximately 40 people attended the event which was a joint mixer with the boards of Silicon Valley Creates, Guadalupe Riverpark Conservancy and the Downtown Residents Association.  The next mixer is October 13 at The Continental in SoFA.  The committee met on August 21 to discuss the 360 review process for SJDA’s Executive and Deputy Directors.

Downtown Large Commercial Property Owners/Managers

Contact: Eric Hon

The commercial property group met on June 24 and received updates on downtown development projects, summer events and PBID street life projects.  The next meeting is October 21.

Downtown Design Committee

Chairperson: Steve Cox

The Downtown Design Committee met on June 24 at Steinberg Architects.  Members heard a presentation by Gensler/SJDA regarding the newly proposed San Pedro Squared proposal.  Members then heard a presentation by the project team for the newly proposed Gateway Tower in SoFA.  The next meeting is September 23.

St. James Park

Contact: Blage Zelalich

The Parks Foundation is producing a variety of family-friendly activities in St. James Park since mid-June.  A full schedule of these activities can be found at  City staff continues to convene stakeholders on a monthly basis to address issues in the park.  The Levitt Pavilion Steering Committee held its second meeting on August 26.  Geri Wong represents SJDA on the committee which will meet over the next 6-8 months to proceed with the creation of a fundraising feasibility study and business plan and work with the City to determine the location and preliminary design of the pavilion.  The Parks Management District proposal goes to San Jose Parks Commission on September 2.

(Last update September 9, 2015)