Organizational Issues/Committee snapshots – March 2016

Chairperson: Henry Cord

Advocacy met March 1 to discuss the proposed gross receipt tax initiative. The next meeting is March 29.

Board Organizational Committee

Chairpersons: Sarju Naran and Alan Marques 

Co-chairs Naran and Marques met with staff on February 10 to prepare a presentation of board survey results at the February 12 board-only meeting. Overall board survey results were positive with proposed areas of improvement for the Board Buddy system, on-boarding new board members and providing additional opportunities for board members to engage with each other and staff. The committee also met on February 19 to solidify the committee’s 2016 work plan which includes the areas previously mentioned, as well as review of the board “Give or Get Policy” and new board member recruitment. The next Second Tuesday board mixer will be held on March 8 at 5:30 p.m. at Blush Ice Bar in the San Pedro Public Market.

Downtown Design Committee
Chairperson: Steve Cox

The Downtown Design Committee met on January 20 at SJDA offices. There was a presentation by Transform regarding their on-going work around parking. There was also a discussion of proposed changes to the City of San Jose’s Architectural Review Commission and zoning code. The next meeting is March 23.

Downtown Large Commercial Property Owners/Managers
Contact: Eric Hon

The commercial property group met on December 9 and received updates on holiday events, Super Bowl 50 and was introduced to the downtown homeless outreach service provider, PATH. The next meeting is March 23.

Downtown Parking Board
Vice-Chair: Nick Nichols

The Downtown Parking Board held its quarterly meeting on February 3. The Board will send a letter to the City Council recommending purchase of the 88 garage and placing a bid in SARA process. The Board is considering a staff recommendation to increase Market/San Pedro garage monthly parking rate from $100 to $125/mo. The Board is going to conduct outreach to businesses near the garage with SJDA and District 3 council office staff.

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Liam O’Connor

The February 24 Finance Committee meeting was canceled. The next meeting is March 30.

Historic District

Chairperson: Forrest Cerrato

The Historic District met January 12 to discuss a dedicated social media presence for the district. A Facebook page titled “Downtown San Jose’s Historic District” and will be maintained by SJDA staff and Historic District volunteers. The next meeting is March 8.

Marketing Arts & Dining
Chairperson: Alan “Gumby” Marques
Co-Chair: Lee Kopp

SJDA’s communications team is working on developing a year-round social media campaign with contests to promote #DTSJ, downtown as a destination, neighborhoods and districts and downtown events. Artwork for this year’s Farmers’ Market, Music in the Park and Dine Downtown collateral is underway. SJDA is a marketing partner and sponsor of Cinequest. Cinema screen ads for SJDA and ParkSJ will be running during Cinequest.

PBID Board of Directors
President: Chuck Hammers

The PBID board convened on December 15 and received updates on PBID services and programs. The FY 2014-15 Financial Report was approved on consent at the December 15 City Council meeting. Board officers for 2016 will be elected at the March 4 meeting as well as approval of FY 16-17 assessment rates and budget.

Police/Downtown Entertainment Committee

Contact: Blage Zelalich

The PBID’s enhanced security program continues to provide 50 hours weekly service, with additional hours scheduled for the week leading up to Super Bowl 50. SEU officers can generally be found on foot (and in the PBID blue golf cart) in the core on Monday and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesdays from 3 – 8 p.m. and Thursdays from 4 – 9 p.m. Officers can be contacted by business and property owners via the Groundwerx office at 408-287-1520. After a year-long undercover operation, the SJDA Downtown Services Unit successfully netted the arrest of 33 suspected drug dealers, ranging in age from 15 to 50 years old and primarily conducting “business” in St. James and Cesar Chavez parks, Fountain Alley and First and Santa Clara streets.

San Jose Downtown Foundation
Board of Trustee President: Diana Beechie

Foundation trustees met on February 9 to receive an update on the Doorbells project, discuss 2016 Downtown Doors project updates and participation in the SV Gives campaign and officially recommend that two new trustees, Charlie McCollum and Annabel Mangold, be nominated to Foundation board at SJDA’s February board meeting. McCollum and Mangold were unanimously elected. Trustees will meet next on March 8.

San Pedro Square Committee
Chairperson: Nick Nichols

The committee met on February 18 to discuss the results of SB50 activation – Super San Pedro – on San Pedro Street from January 30 – February 7. Super San Pedro consisted of a ScreenPrint Showdown event, SJ Made Super Maker Fair, shipping container pop-up shops by SJ Made at The Die Hards, a pop-up gaming lounge hosted by AFK Gamer Lounge and approximately 300 yards of natural turf laid down in the street for a week, with foam footballs and tailgate games for the public to participate in. Overall, while the out-of-town crowds did not materialize as business owners had hoped during the week, Super San Pedro activation was extremely well received and sub-committee was formed to explore the possibility of this type of activation and street closure on a more regular basis. The committee also discussed the return of the downtown Farmers’ Market to San Pedro Square in May 2016, despite the large amount of construction planned with the Modera and San Pedro Squared projects. The layout of the market will likely have to be adjusted and additional financial resources to manage construction mitigation during the FMKT must be identified. The committee’s next meeting is April 21 at the Farmers Union Restaurant.

SoFA (South First Area) Committee
Chairs: Roger Springall and Sarah Dragovich

SoFA met January 27 and made final preparations for Super Bowl Week activities near SoFA, and supported the Exhibition District’s idea to install a rotational public art/ mural gallery in the parking lot next to Emile’s. The next meeting is March 30.

St. James Park
Contact: Blage Zelalich

The first meeting of the St. James Park Advisory Group was held on February 26 to continue work on a plan for the park. Advisory group representatives include residents and developers around the park, SJDA, PAC SJ, Trinity Cathedral, the Parks Foundation, Parks Commission, SPUR, the Levitt Pavilion effort, PATH, the Knight Foundation and park advocates. The advisory group intends to guide the transformation of the park in the areas of capital vision, activation, safety and governance. The advisory group will meet regularly on the 4th Friday of the month.

(Last update Mar. 3, 2016)