Organizational Issues/Committee snapshots - February 2015

Police/Downtown Entertainment Committee

Contact: Blage Zelalich

Co-hosted “Coffee with the Captain” (CWC) on January 21 in the Fairmont Hotel Lobby Lounge where residents, business and property owners discussed quality of life issues with SJPD’s Central Division Captain Tony Ciaburro. The PBID’s enhanced security program continues. SEU officers can generally be found on foot (and in the PBID blue golf cart) in the core on Monday and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Officers can be contacted by business and property owners via the Groundwerx office. The next CWC will be held on February 18. We are considering afternoon time to attract more business owners.

Marketing Arts & Dining

Chairperson: Dan Pulcrano

SJDA is partnering with Cinequest to help promote the film festival and host a Cinequest HERcity event on February 25. SJDA submitted OCA Festival, Parade and Celebration grants for two SJDA events and four SJDA partnered events. Staff will be conducting research with our marketing partners and businesses to see if the Discover Card promotion should be updated, revised or combined with another promotion. SJDA is seeking nominations for this year’s Downtown Gems, the best places to go downtown.

Historic District

Chairperson: vacant

The Historic District met January 13 at SJDA. Kathleen Podrasky and Brent Pearse from VTA discussed upcoming BRT impacts to the district, as well as upcoming community meetings on BART Phase 2. Josue Fuentes from the Office of the District Attorney discussed his role as Community Prosecutor for downtown. Next meeting will be February 10 at 4 p.m. at NextSpace.

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Liam O’Connor

The Finance Committee met on January 28 to review the December 2014 financial statements, updated FY 14-15 budget, and review ice rink capital investment plan for permanent structure. Next meeting is February 25.

SoFA (South First Area) Committee

Chair: Roger Springall

SoFA Committee did not meet in January. When it last met Dec. 10 it heard and discussed a second presentation by artist Teddy Cruz for a permanent open market / shade structure in Gore Park. The new design met general approval of those in attendance. Next meeting will be February 25 at The Continental.

Downtown Parking Board/Parking Committee

Chair: Steve Borkenhagen

The parking board met February 4 to receive mid-year financial report and detailed report on Smart Meters operation since their installation downtown in April 2014. Staff also presented a report on current and projected parking activity in monthly parking garages and lots. Next quarterly meeting is in May 2015.

San Pedro Square Committee

Chairperson: Nick Nichols

The committee met on January 28 at Theatre on San Pedro Square. Nick Nichols from the Tabard Theatre has agreed to be chair, but is open to sharing the responsibility. Centerra representatives provided a project update, the co-op neighborhood marketing campaign was discussed, SJDA staff provided an update on the Knight Cities Challenge proposal for the neighborhood – San Pedro Squared – and neighborhood safety was discussed. The committee decided to meet every-other-month.

PBID Board of Directors

President: Chuck Hammers

The PBID Board last met on December 16 and elected its officers for 2015. The board agreed to join the City, VTA and the Successor Agency in funding the maintenance of the seven downtown Automated Public Toilets for one calendar year beginning January 2015. The board was also updated on PBID Street Life Projects, including enhanced crosswalks, mural corners and other projects. Pop Up retail has been extended through March and retailers have expressed an interest beyond that. Staff has finalized the 2015 contract adjustments with Block by Block. The next meeting of the PBID board of directors is February 10.


Chairperson: Henry Cord

No meeting in January. The committee continues to work on establishing a Community Development Corporation, and Parks Maintenance District. Also, reviewing Bus Rapid Transit’s effects on downtown businesses and developing construction guidelines for large projects. Next meeting is February 24, 9 a.m., at Hoge Fenton, 60 S. Market St. 14th floor.

Downtown Foundation

Board of Trustee President: Diana Beechie

Foundation trustees did not meet in January. Their next meeting will be February 17 in the SJDA conference room.

Board Organizational Committee

Chairperson: Sarju Naran and Alan Marques

The committee did not meet in January but plans to meet on February 20. In 2015, the committee will focus its efforts on continuous board recruitment, increased B to B networking opportunities for BID members, and performance reviews of certain senior staff.

Downtown Large Commercial Property Owners/Managers

Contact: Eric Hon

The commercial property group met December 10. The group discussed the need for improved downtown emergency protocols. The next meeting is tentatively planned for March 18. The meeting will be at SJDA.

Downtown Design Committee

Chairperson: Steve Cox

The Downtown Design Committee met on January 28 at the offices of Steinberg Architects. The Committee reviewed plans for the newly proposed North San Pedro Tower and examined the larger North San Pedro Housing/Brandenburg Site Plan. The next meeting is scheduled for February 25 at 3 p.m.

St. James Park

Contact: Blage Zelalich

Met with a representative for Biederman Redevelopment Ventures, the firm heavily involved with the transformation of Bryant Park in New York and various other urban parks. Finalized the Levitt Pavilion Exploratory report to be presented to various commissions and the city council’s Community and Economic Development committee in February. The report will be presented to the entire City Council in March. Resuming monthly meetings with city staff on activation of the park on February 6.

(Last update February 13, 2015)