Letter from the President: Local measures boost center city

The passing of some of the local measures Nov. 8 will provide a boost for the San Jose Downtown Association’s strategic initiatives for years to come:

  •  The Measure A Affordable Housing Bond will help us reduce the impact of our homeless population downtown by providing new funding to build transitional and permanent supportive housing units.  Reducing the impact of homelessness has become an increasing priority for the Association and
    our members.
  • The Measure B transportation sales tax hike will provide funding for road repairs and completion of BART to downtown San Jose, which will have a significant positive impact on the long-term business climate in Silicon Valley’s primary urban center.
  • The approval of the Measure F pension modification plan will allow the City of San Jose to provide competitive benefits and compensation to our police and fire departments.  This will allow us to reverse the trend of the last several years and begin staffing back up the police force.  Public safety has consistently been a top priority for SJDA members.
  • SJDA is working with the City of  San Jose to ensure components of Measure G – the new business tax – will be re-invested in the city to stimulate business citywide (since 100 percent
    of this tax increase is paid by businesses).

While SJDA did not support the Measure E Opportunity to Work initiative because we did not feel it would be business-friendly for small- to medium-size companies, we are encouraged that our local policy-makers have heard our concerns and are working to make it flexible and simple to administer.

While the presidential election has
created a great amount of anxiety and concern in our community, SJDA is celebrating the success of these local measures that will help make downtown San Jose a neighborhood for everyone
in the city.