Letter From the President – Super year ahead

I’m honored to be president of the San Jose Downtown Association in a year with so much excitement
around the events and growth in Silicon Valley’s downtown.
The Downtown Association
will celebrate its 30th
anniversary in what
should be a tremendously
impactful year. The Super
Bowl will be played just
up the street at Levi’s
Stadium and downtown
San Jose will host the
NFC champion and
Media Day.
We continue to enjoy
high-density residential development and see foot
traffic grow downtown. I cross Santa Clara Street at
San Pedro at lunch time and notice how many people
are waiting for the light on each corner and wonder
when we will need diagonal crosswalks to accommodate
them. San Pedro Market has become a hotbed of
activity and the SoFA Market is becoming a gathering
place for creative people.
My company, KBM Workspace, has its roots in
downtown San Jose dating back to 1946 when
Kennedy Business Machines was founded. While
we spent a decade near the airport, it was clear that
downtown was the place for creative people to work
and collaborate.
We have seen many of Silicon Valley’s technology
companies choose downtown San Jose as our office
buildings fill up and developers make plans for office
development to meet the growing demand. KBM has
been very successful entertaining our clients and
prospects at our downtown showroom, leveraging
the surrounding community. The arena, museums,
theaters, parks, restaurants, farmers’ market and
energy in downtown San Jose have given KBM
an advantage in recruitment and retention of
Downtown San Jose is a great place to work and
do business.
In my role as president, I hope to use my business
experience to help drive SJDA’s strategic objectives.
The Downtown Association has seen a lot of momentum
in the three strategic initiatives developed by our
Board of Directors:
Safety: Our PBID has put supplemental off-duty and
retired SJPD foot patrols on downtown San Jose
streets on a daily basis. We have been advocates for
an expanded San Jose Police Department budget that
provides competitive pay.
St. James Park: We have been instrumental in
helping designate a parks management district to
ensure we have the ability to maintain the planned
improvements to St. James Park. Our goal is to
partner with the city, the Knight Foundation, and
community groups to help St. James Park become a
place of civic pride.
Perception: Lastly, we hope to share the excitement
for what is happening in downtown San Jose
with the greater community and let everyone know
downtown San Jose is an awesome place to work,
play and live.