PBID  Project  Manager
Public Space Activation Manager

PBID  Project  Manager 

POSITION DESCRIPTION: The Property-Based Improvement District (PBID) is a special assessment district that conveys special benefits to the properties located within its boundaries. The PBID commissioned the Downtown Street Life Plan (DSLP) to create a vision and road map for place-making and open space improvements based on stakeholder input and long-term needs assessment. 

The Project Manager is a full-time, exempt position responsible for managing the implementation of DSLP projects within the PBID.


Prioritize, coordinate and implement targeted DSLP projects within the PBID.

Negotiate, plan and implement vendor contracts for DSLP projects.

Develop, manage and monitor DSLP implementation budgets.

Identify and develop community partners interested in DSLP project collaboration and investment.

Create presentation materials and generate renderings to solicit project support and funding.

Coordinate with various City of San Jose departments in expediting DSLP projects.

Conduct outreach and engagement work within the community in support of DSLP and PBID projects.

Primary liaison to City of San Jose personnel and private property owners on DSLP projects.

Staff lead for PBID Beautification Subcommittee.

Prepare installation manual for Downtown Street Life Plan district- wide initiatives.

Assist in other projects and activities as needed.


• BA/BS degree and a minimum of five years professional experience in project management, implementation administration, planning or design.

Ideal candidate will have a background/experience in planning, landscape architecture, urban design or environmental design.

• Knowledge of principles and practices of community design and development are highly desirable. Specific knowledge and past experience with City of San Jose a plus.

• Strong interpersonal communications skills required.

• Demonstrated passion, affinity and/or commitment to downtown San Jose.

• Demonstrate experience in program implementation and administration.

• Ability to develop methods, techniques and the evaluation criteria necessary for obtaining results.

• Demonstrate proven integrity and sound judgment.

• Computer proficient with emphasis on Adobe Creative Suite and InDesign. 

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: PBID Operations Manager, San Jose Downtown Association

SALARY: $60-65,000 annual; competitive benefit package

DEADLINE: August 8, 2014

TO APPLY:  Please submit a cover letter and resume to

San Jose Downtown Association, Human Resources
28 N. First St., #1000
San Jose, CA 95113


Updated July. 14, 2014


REQUEST FOR CONTRACT SERVICES: Public Space Activation Manager

DESCRIPTION OF DESIRED SERVICES: The Public Space Activation Manager (PSA) at the San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA) will assist new event producers to produce public events in downtown San Jose. PSA Manager services will include providing assistance such as determination of the most appropriate event site for a specific event, preparation of event diagrams for permit submittal, technical and logistical planning support, overall event communications and marketing consultation and budget estimating for items such as event infrastructure, insurance, sanitation, security, volunteer recruitment and other specific event elements.

The PSA Manager will also oversee the distribution and utilization of grant funding totaling $25,000. These grants will be distributed as five $5,000 micro grants to interested event producers. A condition of each micro grant will be to accept PSA Manager services. The PSA Manager will walk through the entire event production process with each grantee from permit application, to city service negotiation, to day-of event logistics and inspections. The experience with these five events and others will be the basis for written recommendations on process improvement, including policy changes with the City of San Jose, produced by the PSA Manager at the conclusion of the contract term. 

PSA Manager services are intended to result in specific recommendations to simplify processes and improve efficiencies leading to more events/activation of public places in the downtown.

The PSA Manager is a part-time contract position from July 1, 2014 to July 1, 2015, funded in part by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


Administer and manage a program that grants five event micro grants up to $25,000 total for events proposed in targeted downtown locations: SoFA; Paseo de San Antonio; St. James Park; and San Pedro Square.

Outreach to event producers to produce or co-produce (with SJDA) three Knight Foundation “citizen action platforms”: RAISING THE BAR; BIG LUNCH; and DANCE ACROSS THE DISTRICT.

Serve as the primary SJDA liaison for the production of RAISING THE BAR, BIG LUNCH and DANCE ACROSS THE DISTRICT, if these events are co-produced by SJDA.

Work with grantees and other event producers to help stage successful, primarily outdoor, events downtown.

Provide assistance with vendors, permits, logistics, public outreach and production to event producers.

Create documents at end of project term with specific recommendations to streamline public event production procedures.

Provide an updated “road map” and guidelines for future downtown event producers to follow.

Generate and manage all of the necessary documentation and program metrics requested by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


• BA/BS degree

• Minimum 3-5 years of experience producing outdoor events in San Jose. Specific knowledge and past experience producing events downtown a plus.

Background/experience in event production, vendor negotiation, city permit processes, ABC permit processes, community outreach and communication.

Existing relationships with city and state employees associated with outdoor events.

• Knowledge of principles and practices of outdoor event production.

• Experience generating and managing event budgets as well as generating and negotiating contracts.

• Strong interpersonal and written communications skills.

• Demonstrated passion, affinity and/or commitment to downtown San Jose.

• Highly organized and able to manage multiple projects/events at once.

• Ability to develop methods, techniques and the evaluation criteria necessary for obtaining results.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office. 

PROPOSED CONTRACT RANGE: $35,000 – $45,000

DEADLINE: July 11, 2014 

TO APPLY:   Please submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to:

San Jose Downtown Association, Human Resources
28 N. First St., #1000
San Jose, CA 95113

Updated Jun. 3, 2014


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