Ambassadors begin their day surveying the landscape and reporting anything out of the ordinary. They are also on hand during peak entertainment hours on weekends and special events, providing assistance to those in need and offering a friendly smile to everyone.

The people who visit — whether regularly or for the first time in a while – will be impressed with not only how clean downtown is, but how friendly it is. As part of the enhanced services within the district, the ambassador program provides hospitality and concierge services throughout downtown.

Men and women in distinguished uniforms provide daily assistance to residents, businesses and visitors alike. Each of these highly trained individuals provide assistance in a variety of ways, such as giving directions, pointing out fun events and attractions and providing transportation information. Ambassadors can even be called upon for umbrella service during rainstorms or to accompany someone to their car after hours.

Ambassadors make their presence known. These individuals have been trained to serve as additional “eyes and ears” on the streets. The Ambassadors know what to look out for and where to get help.