Established in August 2007 and managed by the San Jose Downtown Association, the Property-Based Improvement District (PBID)provides a funding mechanism for the beautification of downtown.

The PBID’s overarching goal is to make Downtown San Jose “sparkle,” increasing its vitality and vibrancy, and ensuring Downtown San Jose as the center of arts, culture and business for the Silicon Valley region.

All of these efforts are aimed at attracting more visitors, customers and investors to downtown; ultimately increasing its property values, pride of community and quality of urban lifestyle.

PBID beautification projects are additive to the public realm but do not require major construction activities.  The latest effort is the new Halo light show in the Circle of Palms

The PBID beautification efforts will forever change the face of downtown San Jose by softening the downtown streetscape environment and making it comfortable for businesspeople, shoppers, diners, and strollers alike.