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Downtown San Jose property owners renew clean / friendly/ beautification services for another 10 years

Property Based Improvement District (PBID)

The San Jose Property Owner’s Association (POA) officially formed Sept. 28, 2007 and its board met for the first time Oct. 2. The inaugural 11-member board, which represents about 600 property owners, includes: 

Executive Committee

President: Chuck Hammers, Pizza My Heart (business representative)
Vice President:  Richard Utic (commercial property owner)
Secretary: Elizabeth Mattson, San Jose Downtown Residents Association (resident representative)
Treasurer: Jim Ortbal, City of San Jose


Richard Berg, SoFA Properties
Janis Schneider, R&J Jewelry
Richard Keit, Successor Agency to San Jose Redevelopment Agency
Kelley Cosgrove, Fairmont San Jose
Jim Ortbal, City of San Jose
Bill Ryan, Barry Swenson Builder
Andria Souza, Legacy Partners Commercial, Inc.
Richard Utic, Saratoga Capital

PBID Funding and Budget

Downtown property owners agreed in 2007 to assess themselves up to 7.5 cents per square foot to make downtown San Jose sparkle. By improving the downtown environment in which people live, work and play, property owners believe more visitors, customers and investors will be attracted to downtown San Jose. This coordinated effort by the newly formed San Jose Downtown Property Owners’ Association shows how much property owners are involved in making downtown better, and ensuring its success as the arts, culture and business center for the entire region. They hope that as downtown becomes more vibrant, the value of their investment and property increases.

The funds collected enhance the level of cleaning that the city already provided. This is an example of a public-private partnership that is successful in other cities around the country. Like the property owners, the city has invested billions into the downtown. Everyone has a vested interest and is doing their part to ensure success of the Property-based Improvement District. The city believes the San Jose Downtown Association, which now has oversight of cleaning and ambassador services, is bringing a new level of cleanliness and friendliness to downtown San Jose.

Budget: Almost $2 million for 2008, including $1.6 million from property owner assessments plus $335,000 from the city’s prior baseline services.


Bylaws of San Jose Downtown Property Owners’ Association
PBID management plan
Pruning schedule and map
Tree species and where they are downtown

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