Causing an Uproar

After several years of preparation, Minnesota transplants Steve and Christina Vandewater have opened their Uproar Brewery at 439 S. First St.

Vandewater was all smiles on opening day when all he had left to do was make food, pour brews and greet guests. The building required two years of work on the substructure to handle the weight of making beer on premises and in the reconditioned rafters overhead.

Menu includes all the favorites that go with beers: pizzas, tri-tip sandwiches, sliders and fries, salads and a “Ploughman’s Lunch” of cured meats, cheeses and house-made peasant bread. The beer list includes 15 locally crafted favorites as well as house-made saison, ESB, pils, porter and more.

Logos, interior touches including sleds and snow shovels from the Vandewater’s native Minnesota are all homemade. Brewtus, the Uproar elephant mascot, is the creation of Christina Vandewater.

The beer-making part of the total 15,000-square-foot facility includes stainless steel drums capable of handling more than 300 gallons at a time, plus French oak barrels previously used to age a variety of wines in the Napa Valley.


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