Live & Local is back

Boosting downtown’s vibrant music scene

LiveLocalWith more than 30 live music venues in downtown, spreading the word about the music scene markets the region as a cultural hub and supports local businesses and artists.

Perhaps, the most visible piece of this effort is the new

The re-vamped site includes an easy-to-find, easy-to-search calendar of downtown’s music scene, a blog detailing the hottest shows of the week and featuring local artists. It is also search-engine friendly and includes room to promote sponsored events.

Launched in March, the new site should be the go-to source for the South Bay’s densest collection of live music venues.

The look and feel of the site reflects downtown’s homegrown, diverse music scene, with different shows focused on rock, hip-hop, opera, bossa nova and jazz.

“I think it is a well-needed resource for artists and musicians to promote what we are working on,” said Amy Dabalos, a local jazz singer who has also done booking for The Continental Lounge, Local Color and elsewhere. “A centralized hub of information is what we’ve really needed.”

Driven in part by the passion and dedication of local musicians and fans, including SJDA promotions manager Amy Anderson and Tomek Mackowiak, the next phase will include social media contests, interviews with local artists and more.

The future of the site – and other plans for contests for fans and bands, features on local artists and shows and a regular email highlighting the top upcoming shows – depends on the scene to work.

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