Wet winter should lead to longer produce season

The wet winter has caused delays for some farmers taking California-grown fruits and vegetables to market, according to Moses Mena, Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market manager for the Downtown San Jose Farmers’ Market.

“It’s still very early in the season,” Mena said while setting up for the May 12 market along San Pedro Street.  “In the next several weeks, we’ll see a lot more farmers coming back.”

Mena said that one vegetable grower’s crops were under water for most of December, January and February.  “They are just starting production again,” he said.

The season ahead should be very good, he said.

“California produces the best produce every year, even in drought,” Mena said. “It’s the bread basket of the world. This year, the ground is soggy, the wells are full and we can expect a long, full sweet and plump year.”

So what else can Farmers’ Market-goers expect this season?

“A lot of consistency,” Mena said.  “We’ve been out here for the last 25 years, offering a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to a lot of great people.”

The Downtown San Jose Market is open each Friday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.  Check sjdowntown.com/farmers-market-presented-by-kaiser-permanente.