Executive Director: Scott Knies
Email: sknies@sjdowntown.com

Marketing Director: Julie Carlson
Email: jcarlson@sjdowntown.com

Communications Director: Rick Jensen
Email: rjensen@sjdowntown.com

Business Development Manager: Nate Echeverria
Email: necheverria@sjdowntown.com

Events and Promotions Manager: Amy Anderson
Email: aanderson@sjdowntown.com

Sponsorship Manager: Joe Noonan
Email: jnoonan@sjdowntown.com

PBID Street Life Project Manager: Jason Su
Email: jsu@sjdowntown.com

Accounting Manager: Peggy Bradley
Email: pbradley@sjdowntown.com

Office Manager: Corinna M. Dixon
Email: cdixon@sjdowntown.com

Membership and Outreach Manager: Chloe Verrey
Email: cverrey@sjdowntown.com

Outreach Coordinator: Helen Hayashi
Email: hhayashi@sjdowntown.com

Web Coordinator: Archana Dalgleish
Email: adalgleish@sjdowntown.com

Office Assistant: A’Dreana Quevedo
Email: aquevedo@sjdowntown.com