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San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA)


SJDA is a non-profit, membership-based organization founded in 1986 to represent business and property owners. We make downtown a better place for business, residents and visitors through events, advocacy, marketing and more. The best way to get involved is to come to a meeting. Our various committees our summarized below and meet regularly.


Want to get involved? Email the contact of the committee below you are interested in joining.

Executive Committee

The President of the Board of Directors chairs this 11-member committee. The immediate past president is ex-officio member. This committee manages the activities and affairs of the association and exercises all powers granted to the Board by the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. Makes policy, advocacy and program recommendations to

Chair: Alan “Gumby” Marques

Next Meeting: June 1, 8:30 a.m., Business Support Center, 16 N 3rd St.

(committee members only)

Advocacy Committee

Represents downtown business and property owner to government and elected officials. Develops recommendations on policies impacting downtown. Supports other committees including parking and BART. Sets SJDA’s positions on specific issues including housing, retail, crime, cleanliness and shuttles. Meets as needed.

Chair: David Buchholz

Contact: Nate LeBlanc

Past Meeting: The Advocacy Committee met Oct. 25.  The committee discussed various transportation items and upcoming City Council action items.

Next Meeting: June 21, 9 a.m., Business Support Center, 16 N 3rd St.

Board Organizational Committee

The Board Organizational Committee looks at all aspects of Board relations, certain organizational process improvements, Board of Directors election process, recruitment and membership for the Board, and enhancing camaraderie for Board and staff.

Marques would like the Committee to also focus on research, such as reviewing the bylaw; writing a CEO job description; creating a recruitment matrix for the Boards (SJDA, Foundation, PBID).

The Committee can be comprised of two co-chairs, and a minimum of 3 at large members.

Contact: Chloe Shipp

Past Meeting: The Board Organizational Committee met May 18 to discuss the recruitment process for the 2024-27 class of SJDA board members.

Next Meeting: TBD

SJDA Board of Directors

The San Jose Downtown Association represents more than 2,100 businesses, non-profits and property owners who work collaboratively to enhance the Downtown experience. We make downtown a better place. Click here to meet our Board

Board President: Alan “Gumby” Marques

Next Meeting: June 8, 8:30 a.m., Business Support Center, 16 N 3rd St. 

Downtown Commercial Properties

Informational meetings for owners and managers of large downtown commercial properties.  Meets on an ad hoc basis.

Contact: Chris Arkley

Past Meeting: The committee met Feb. 22 to discuss PBID expansion updates.  Staffing increases with Groundwerx were also discussed. The Street Life Lighting Plan was also shared by Sarah Billings. 

Next Meeting: TBD

Downtown Parking Board

This public-private entity discusses downtown parking issues and budgets.

Chair:  Charlie Faas

Contact: Rick Jensen

Past Meeting: The Downtown Parking Board met March 9 and heard parking updates from staff.  Work continues on a new feature on the SJDA-managed website in which users can see real-time availability in the ParkSJ garages and make reservations, using Market-San Pedro Garage and SAP events as a pilot.

Next Meeting: June 7, 10 a.m., via Zoom Conference Call

Downtown Design Committee

Consists of architects, designers, and urbanists advocating for design excellence in the downtown core using. The committee honors outstanding projects with Golden Nail awards.

Chair: Brian Corbett

Contact: Nate LeBlanc

Past Meeting: The committee met Oct. 14, 2022 and observed a presentation on potential future developments at San Jose State University.

Next meeting: TBD, via Zoom Conference Call

Social Impact Committee

The Social Impact Committee’s goals are to use advocacy, education and partnerships to mitigate the impact of homelessness for Downtown business and property owners, residents, visitors and unhoused individuals.

The impacts of homelessness include the overall health and well-being of all San Jose residents, a lack of adequate shelter and services, the overall  cleanliness of public and private spaces, and the perception of safety in downtown.

Contact: Chris Arkley

Past Meeting: The committee met on May 25. SJDA staff shared that it is anticipated that our Social Impact Manager will be starting on the week of 5/29 with the standing up of the entire Social Impact Team anticipated by early/mid June. The Mayor’s Measure E proposal, and committee feedback, was also discussed as well as potential questions for the upcoming SJDA Town Hall on June 15.

Next Meeting: June 22, 3:30 p.m., via Video Conference Call

Historic District

Deals with concerns regarding events, construction, safety and marketing of this downtown neighborhood.

Chair:  Eric Nielsen

Contact: Juan Carlos Aguirre

Past Meeting: The HDC met on May 9.  City of San José Department, OCA presented on “Make Music Day,” which is scheduled for June 21.  City of San José Department, PRNS presented the on Viva Calle event and its impact on the Downtown Core (Santa Clara Street from Roosevelt Park to Market Street).  The event is scheduled for June 11. SJDA staff discussed two upcoming programs: Starlight Cinemas and Dine Downtown, both starting in July 2023.

Next Meeting: September, TBD


Provides oversight and makes recommendations on SJDA’s long-term and short-term goals involving branding, marketing efforts, and promotions.  Ensures that a consistent, positive message is being delivered to the public about Downtown San Jose and SJDA. Meets as needed.

Chair:  Frank Nguyen

Contact: Nanci Williams

Past Meeting: Late last year (2022), the committee launched a marketing campaign to promote use of the #dtsj hashtag. Creative deliverables include APT posters, in-store displays, coasters, and advertising in performing arts programs, plus traditional print media.  A strong social media component to the campaign emphasizes downtown’s “real and authentic” attributes.  Marketing professionals are urged to join this committee to lend your talents to providing strategic direction to the next campaign.

Next Meeting: TBD

PBID Board of Directors

The directors oversee management and finances of the property-based improvement district. It’s meeting notices, minutes and agendas are on the PBID pages of this website.

Board President: Chris Freise

Contact: Chloe Shipp

Past Meeting: On March 2  the PBID Board of Directors met to select projects to complete from the Comprehensive Lighting Plan, approve the FY 23-24 organization budget and assessment rate, and receive staff reports.

Next Meeting: June 8, 8:30 a.m., Business Support Center, 16 N 3rd St.

San Jose Downtown Foundation

The foundation hosts, organizes and fundraises for Downtown Doors and other art projects downtown. Visit the Foundation page on this website to learn more.

Board President: Ramona Snyder

Contact: Rick Jensen

Past Meeting: At the April 11 meeting, the board discussed details of the Downtown Doors program and May 4 reception celebrating Downtown Doors 20th anniversary in 2023!  After a successful event, the Board canceled the scheduled May 9 meeting. 

SJDF seeks additional Board members.

Next Meeting: June 13, 12 p.m., Zoom Conference Call

Finance Committee

Reviews and approves the SJDA budget.

Chair: Garrett Perez

Past Meeting: The Finance Committee met on March 10.  FY 22-23 December financial statements were presented. 

Next Meeting: TBD

SoFAC (South First Area Committee)

This committee deals with neighborhood issues, markets events and more.

Chair: Kevin Wick and Dap Ashaolu

Contact: Juan Carlos Aguirre

Past Meeting: The SoFaC met on May 10.  City of San José Department, OCA presented on “Make Music Day,” which is scheduled for June 21.  City of San José Department, PRNS presented the on Viva Calle event and its impact on the Downtown Core (Santa Clara Street from Roosevelt Park to Market Street).  The event is scheduled for June 11. SJDA staff discussed two upcoming programs: Starlight Cinemas and Dine Downtown, both starting in July 2023. During Public Comment, City of San José DOT mentioned that they would be happy to do a presentation at an upcoming meeting.  MACLA announced their upcoming Latinx Art Exhibition, and the United LowRider Council discussed their upcoming Raza Unida event.

Next Meeting: TBD

St. James Park Advisory Committee

This committee deals with issues related to the park and activities in it. It also working with others on redesigning the park.

Contact: Sarah Billings

Past Meeting: The Advisory Committee met May 26 to discuss progress on capital/design for park improvements and Levitt Pavilion, safety concerns, feeding, rodent abatement/trash receptacles, spring and summer activations and noise levels and maintenance.

Next Meeting: June 23, 9 a.m., via Zoom Conference Call

San Pedro Square Committee

This committee works on marketing, events, safety and other issues in the San Pedro Square neighborhood.

Co- Chair: David Mulvehill and Randy Musterer

Contact: Julie Carlson

Past Meeting:

A meeting for San Pedro Street stakeholders was held on March 15. City staff presented the second draft of the proposed design to pedestrianize San Pedro Street and gathered feedback from business and property owners.  After careful analysis and consideration of stakeholder feedback, City staff is requiring businesses to pilot the proposed long-term street closure solution. The pilot program consists of a 20-foot-wide pedestrian walkway down the middle of the street that can be utilized for Emergency Vehicle Access.  Businesses can utilize the sidewalks and areas between trees extending 20-feet from the face of their building towards the middle of the street for additional dining with a sidewalk seating permit from the Public Works Department. Pedestrians will be able to utilize the mid-street pedestrian walkway for travel up and down San Pedro Street. Nate LeBlanc, SJDA’s Business Development Manager has been working with City staff and the San Pedro Square businesses to help them transition their outdoor dining areas to meet the requirements of the pilot program. On May 23, City staff brought a staff report on a preferred layout and cost estimate for the potential permanent closure to City Council for consideration. The City Council unanimously voted to give initial approval of the plans.

Next Meeting: TBD


Please let us know if you are interested in helping us with our events, art and street life activations or representing SJDA and downtown businesses at City Council or City Hall meetings.
Send a note with your volunteer interests to

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