Welcome New Members


New member information and benefits

Dear Downtown Business,

Welcome to Downtown San Jose! You are now a member of the San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA), a non-profit organization that works on behalf of our members to promote downtown as a destination for business and pleasure; produce events that showcase the center city; and advocate for policies that will preserve and protect the downtown business district. A percentage of your business license fee funds our operations, as you join 2,100 members who do business in our vibrant downtown.

This welcome page provides basic information for new downtown businesses and also serves as a quick reference to SJDA services.

  1. SJDA manages the Groundwerx team, who maintain clean and safe streets, guide beautification initiatives, provide wayfinding services, and act as downtown ambassadors.
  2. SJDA provides a strong voice for downtown to the media, government officials and policy makers. We advocate on behalf of our members for a vital and vibrant downtown for your clients, customers, and employees and staff members are available to assist you with individual concerns impacting your business.  
  3. Each business within the downtown business district is entitled to a listing on our website. Please check the business directory and let us know if there is additional or missing information you would like posted.  
  4. We post downtown events on our online calendar, and distribute Downtowner Online – our weekly e-newsletter promoting the events happening that week. If your business is an entertainment venue, we can link to your event from our website. If you are interested in receiving the Downtowner Online e-newsletter each week, opt in here.  Our website also contains valuable information on SJDA programs, events, construction, and parking information for downtown.


Target marketing campaigns for downtown (Dine Downtown, #DTSJLOVE)

Disseminate district information

Social media and targeted ads for events, promotions, and members

Business Assistance

Permits, grants, and workshops

Disseminate district information

Finding a location to do business

Let us get to know you

We’re so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to get to know and serve you.