Downtown Community Development Corporation


The Downtown Community Development Corporation (DCDC)’s mission is to stimulate public and private investment, community partnerships and resources to support the revitalization of Downtown San Jose.



Specific goals of the DCDC

Help attract investment to downtown, adding jobs, new businesses and mide-development projects;

Enhance downtown private and public properties, including public spaces, plazas and paseos;

Strengthen and grow businesses financially;

Be responsive to the changing marketplace and economic conditions in Downtown San Jose.

The DCDC’s signature project to date is the capital improvement project now called MOMENT at San Pedro Square — in which four retail shops were built into a parking garage fronting San Pedro Street, activating the garage’s ground floor and providing retail spaces for San Jose creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs expanding their brands.

Says Nathan Ulsh, director of policy and operations:  “Located in downtown San Jose within the ever-popular San Pedro Square neighborhood, MOMENT is perfectly positioned to elevate these already-amazing businesses, brands and talent to newer and greater levels of visibility at a time when San Jose itself is rising to newer and greater levels of visibility.



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