Traffic & Construction Updates

Traffic Alerts

Dec. 7 – Dec. 10 Tuesday-Friday, 9am-3pm — Crew members will backfill trenches and restore the street from 82 E Santa Clara St to 96 E Santa Clara St. In phase 1, eastbound traffic on E Santa Clara St will merge right between N 1st St and N 3rd St. In phase 2, eastbound traffic will merge left between N 1st St and N 3rd St. In phase 3, northbound traffic on N 3rd St will merge right between E San Fernando St and E Santa Clara St. The sidewalk will also close in the work area in phase 3. Cones and traffic signs will direct traffic. 

Nov. 15 – Dec. 25 Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.: Crew members will move construction equipment to the Adobe North Tower penthouse. The east and west lane on W San Fernando St between Delmas Ave and Almaden Blvd will close. Traffic will detour at Delmas Ave, Almaden Blvd, and W San Fernando St and will reroute to W Santa Clara St or Park Ave. Signs will help traffic with directions.

Nov. 15 – Dec. 2 – 24 hour closure: San Fernando Street will be closed in both directions between Delmas Avenue and Almaden Boulevard. Click here for details.