On Traditions and Repetition

MACLA 510 S 1st St, San Jose, CA

On the theme of tradition, this exhibition showcases the work of Angela Arteritano, Carolina Cuevas, Jorge “J. Duh” Camacho, and Patty Botello, who have preserved the traditions of the past in a modern way.

MACLA – Los Delicados: Poetas del Sol 25th Anniversary Show

MACLA 510 S 1st St, San Jose, CA

Join Los Delicados as they celebrate 25 years of poetic lo-cura as innovators of Latino Spoken Word with special guests Juan Felipe Herrera, Margarita Luna Robles, Arlene Biala and Jimmy Biala, Grito Serpentino, Baktun-12, Tim Z. Hernandez, Amalia Ortiz, Adrian Arancibia and more.

$10 – $30

MACLA – Techno-Tamales from Nixta Valley: De Lima, Peru a San Jose, California

MACLA 510 S 1st St, San Jose, CA

MACLA has been creating and will be giving away their hand made techno-tamales - part of a series of new works created by Praba Pilar, and Peruvian artists Cecilia Vilca, and Lorena Lo Peña during MACLA's Cultura Power Fellowship. Join them at this in person participatory event, where they'll share information on the technologies of...