Fitness tops 2024 resolutions

Almost half of Americans have “improved fitness” at the top of their list of New Year’s resolutions, according to survey results Forbes reported in December. “Improved mental health” (36%) and “lose weight” (34%).

As a result, January is one of the busiest months of the year for new clients at downtown fitness studios and gyms, say local owners.

“For sure people have a tendency to focus on being healthier at the beginning of the year and join a fitness studio or a gym,” said Amanda Lynn, CEO of YBX (Yobox) Fitness in the South First Area (SoFA). April and May are actually busier for her business, she noted.

Louie Ruvane of OrangeTheory Fitness at St. John and Market street agreed that the bigger surges in new members take place in spring and fall. As for the start of this year, he noted that new memberships so far this January are improved over the past three years, but he expected the third week of the month to be the busiest of the month with new signups.

Studios and gyms help keep their new members motivated to come back for training as much as that they can see results.

Consistency and patience are key, Lynn said. Though the scale may not show a weight reduction, body fat is being replaced by muscle mass. It may take a few months for the pounds to also start coming off.

OrangeTheory measures body fat and muscle mass percentages at the start and throughout their “Transformation Challenge” so their members can monitor their results, Ravane noted.

Common practices include coaches checking in if members miss a week or more of classes. They also keep things positive by answering  questions at the gym.  Some like YBX have an app where members can monitor their food intake.

Social events also help keep members engaged at all the downtown fitness locations.

“Honestly, you can do everything in your power to motivate them but if they aren’t ready to stick to it, they won’t,” Lynn said.

Here’s a summary of the 11 downtown studios and gyms that focus on improving body and mind fitness:

Checkmate Boxing, 157 W. San Fernando St.

Checkmate is all about the art and science of boxing by teaching the actual techniques used by real boxers to reach their fitness goals, measuring results throughout your boxing journey. Free introductory session(s) are followed by basic and intermediate level instruction, with opportunities for personal training.

Dark Horse Gym, 96 N. Almaden Ave.

Train in boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, muay Thai, wrestling or jiu jitsu. Founded 30 years ago and run by former professional kickboxer and UFC competitor David Velasquez.

Downtown Yoga Shala, 5 E. Reed St.

Specializes in Mysore-style Ashtanga, including eight different yoga classes including silent meditation, mindfulness, sound healing, restorative and power.The Shala’s New Year Resolution Challenge invites people back into yoga for three months of unlimited classes.

Heroes Martial Arts, 450 S. First St.

Alan “Gumby” Marques’ original location in SoFA, established 2009, features instruction in Brazilian jiu jitsu, as taught by Grandmaster Helio Gracie and his family. Jiu jitsu is a “grappling” martial art concentrating on clinches and holds. Adult and youth classes, plus private lessons.

HOTWORX, 54 W. Santa Clara St.

Members participate in 30-minute isometric workouts or 15-minute high-intensity interval training in a sauna with infrared heat that produces sweat that removes toxins from your body. Up to three people at a time can enjoy hot workouts doing yoga, pilates, and stretching; and focusing on your core, glutes, and total body using resistance bands and ballet poses without a barre. High-intensity workouts utilize cycle, rowing and combination cardio / endurance / strength apparatus.

Orangetheory Fitness, 111 W. St. John, Ste. 110

Work on strength, resistance, endurance using free weights and rowing machines and some combination of treadmill, strider or cycle. The goal is to get the heart going at 84-91 percent of your maximum heart rate for 12-20 minutes. OrangeTheory has a January discount for the first time in its 14-year existence —  new members can get the first month of a premier (unlimited) membership in 2024 for $24. The wearable heart rate monitor is also half-price during January. Specials for current members, too.

Punch King Fitness, 299 W. Bassett St.

Classes available in cardio boxing and kickboxing, kids boxing (scholarships available.), and high-intensity training for core and stability, lower body strength and total body. Currently offering an extreme hip hop step class, Saturday morning “Bootcamp” and noon weekday cardio kickboxing class.

Shiva Yoga Wellness, 255 N. Market St., Ste. 250

Classes in mindful visualization, alignment-based and candlelight yoga.

Studio Climbing, 396 S. First St.

Besides daily introductory climbing courses and weekend belay classes  for the little ones and their parents, Touchstone’s Studio Climbing  — an anchor SoFA business — has a nice room for daily yoga classes and occasional core strength exercising on mats. Instructors not only encourage those new to the activity, they can help you navigate the wall to match your strength and competence. No initiation fee applies before Jan. 15.

WESTCA, 30 N. Third St.

Co-founders and co-owners Tory Reign and Meaghan Karabatsos are motivated to instill confidence Silicon Valley professionals by helping them make positive physical changes through 60-minute training personal training sessions and for small groups of 3-5 people. Building community, nutrition instruction and accountability are also important parts of the overall experience. Each person’s training regimen and goals are personalized.

YBX Fitness, 452 S. First St.

YBX (Yobox) Fitness has a recipe for one workout that includes training for mobility, strength, endurance, coordination, speed and flexibility. To accomplish this, one-hour classes start with yoga, and move into weightlifting or boxing and strength, and then finish with one of YBX’s signature classes with names including Bootycamp, Good Morning, HIIT (High Intensity), Fitness, Strength PUSH and Strength PULL.  New clients can go to seven free classes to start 2024. The initiation fee is waived if they sign up before the sixth day.

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