Petiscos included in prestigious Michelin Guide

Petiscos, the Portuguese restaurant at 399 S. First St., will be added to the 2023 MICHELIN Guide California.  It was one of 19 restaurants located across the South Bay to Oakland by the prestigious reviewers of great culinary experiences.

The Michelin recognition is a first for the downtown core, but not for owners Carlos and Fernanda Carreira, whose Adega has already earned a coveted Michelin star.

“We are excited that the Michelin Guide selected Petiscos to be included in the guide,” said Carlos Carreira.  “We have always been upbeat about downtown San Jose and we hope that this recognition will bring more attention and people to the area as it offers so much potential.

“As individuals, it is gratifying to be recognized again for our efforts to offer a unique experience of quality and high standards to our guests.

“We hope that this recognition will bring attention to other downtown restaurants to be recognized in the future by the Michelin Guide. We certainly will enjoy being surrounded by many more and together help downtown become a more recognized destination for great dining experiences.”

Here’s MICHELIN Guide’s point of view of Petiscos:

“Petiscos are as much a cultural reference as they are a small snack accompanied by drinks. They’re fun and approachable—designed to be shared among good friends and family—so it goes without saying that this spot, complete with a bar, knows how to welcome guests.

“Authentically prepared dishes highlight the flavors of Portugal and feature imported ingredients. The rustic, home-style cooking includes favorites such as broa, a traditional cornbread, and lupini beans, codfish croquettes and a tender octopus salad that is a meal unto itself. Slivers of braised pig ears are tossed with a lively citrus and herb dressing and perfectly paired with cilantro and parsley, and the golden-brown grilled sardines are a pleasure.”

Ethiopian favorite LeYou, 1100 N. First. St., also made the list announced this week, and Luna Mexican Kitchen, 1495 The Alameda, made the guide’s list last year.

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